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Toolchains can be specified only by their name, or with a version number attached. For example, clang will use whatever clang binary you have in your $PATH, while clang-10 will specifically use clang version 10.


This toolchain will use gcc as compiler. It is the default if you don't request a specific toolchain. Specify gcc-N for requesting specific gcc versions.


This toolchain uses clang as compiler, but the GNU binutils tools for assembling and linking. Specify clang-N for specific versions. Special variants of clang are also available:

Variant Description
clang-nightly Nightly clang builds, updated daily
clang-android The exact clang compiler used for official Android builds


This toolchain does a full LLVM build, i.e. one with LLVM=1: compile with clang, and assemble/link with the LLVM tools. Specify llvm-N for requesting specific LLVM versions. As with clang, the llvm-nightly and llvm-android are also available.