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Target architectures

TuxMake supports building for a set of architectures, and they are documented here in alphabetical order. If you have the corresponding toolchain installed locally, then you can build that architecture on your host system using the null runtime.

For the container runtimes, the "Kernel" and "Userspace" columns specify whether the default TuxMake container images for that architecture allow you to cross build, respectively, the kernel and userspace code (e.g. perf).

Architecture Aliases Description Kernel Userspace
arc ARC yes¹ no
arm64 aarch64 64-bit ARMv8 yes yes
arm armhf 32-bit ARM V7/hardfloat yes yes
armv5 armel 32-bit ARM V5 yes yes
hexagon Qualcomm Hexagon (DSP6) yes² no
i386 32-bit X86 yes yes
loongarch 64-bit LoongArch no no
m68k 32-bit Motorola yes yes
mips 32-bit MIPS yes yes
openrisc OpenRISC no no
parisc 64-bit parisc yes no
powerpc 64-bit PowerPC (EL) yes yes
riscv 64-bit RISC-V yes no
s390 s390x 64-bit IBM S/390 yes yes
sh 32-bit sh4 yes¹ no
sparc 64-bit Sparc yes no
um User-Mode Linux yes no
x86_64 amd64 64-bit X86 yes yes

¹ gcc only
² clang/llvm only