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Contributing to tuxmake

Source code

The tuxmake source code it available in the tuxmake gitlab repository. To clone the repository, run:

git clone

or if you don't (want to) have a gitlab account:

git clone

Issue tracker

The tuxmake issue tracker is also on Gitlab:

Development dependencies

The Python packages needed to develop tuxmake are listed in requirements-dev.txt. You can either install them using pip install -r requirements-dev.txt, or install the corresponding distribution (e.g. Debian) packages. There are also a few non Python packages used for development: make, shunit2, and git, clang, git.

Here is a single line that should get you everything that is needed on Debian and derivatives:

apt-get install bzip2 ccache clang codespell flake8 gcc git make mkdocs \
  mypy python3 python3-docutils python3-pip python3-pytest python3-pytest-cov \
  python3-pytest-mock shunit2

tuxmake has no runtime dependencies other than the Python core.

Running the tests

To run the tests, just run make: it will run all the included tests, including unit tests, integration tests, coding style checks, etc. Please make sure all the tests pass before submitting patches.

Sending your contributions.

Contributions should be sent as merge requests on the GitLab repository.

If that's too high of a barrier for you to send your patches, you can also send them by email to the maintainers. However, we really prefer merge requests because the GitLab Continuous Integration will run all the tests against your changes, and that makes a lot easier for us to evaluate your contribution.